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Visit the Burman University Library for rich access to resources that will augment your classes or be part of your assignments, and an environment conducive both to groupwork and individual study.

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A reference librarian is generally available between 8:00 and 5:30 Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 until noon on Fridays. 

BlackLight Catalogue

Database Search Strategies



Searching Databases: A Systematic Approach


a.         Subject area

Find out what topics are covered in the index.  Is it a general index or does it cover a specific area or discipline?

ERIC covers the area of education and related topics.  It indexes 750 journals and thousands of documents in education.


b.      Keyword searching vs. subject headings and descriptors searching

Keyword means that any word you enter into the database will be searched throughout each entire record.  Items containing that word will be part of your search results even though the item itself may be completely unrelated to your topic.  Searching by subject headings, sometimes called descriptors is executing your search using terms given in a standard, consistent list of terms.  You will usually find more relevant information using the subject headings the database uses to organize the items in it.   


c.          Information in individual records.

Note the information in each record.  Are abstracts (summaries) given or can you only get the basic information needed to locate the item.  Is there full text?  Are subject headings listed in the record?  Noting the subject headings of relevant items can help you refine your search and pinpoint more pertinent items very fast.


            d.         Narrowing and broadening your search

To narrow: Type the word “and”  between your search terms.  Only records in which both words occur will be retrieved.

Example: Churchill and Balfour Declaration

To broaden: Type the word "or" between your search terms.  All records which have either one or both of the words will be retrieved.

Example:(Iraq or Persia)


            e.         Truncating your search

Putting a symbol, usually a *

Example: Portug*will retrieve the words “Portugal” and ”Portuguese.”  The truncation symbol for most databases is *.