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E-Readers in the CUC Library

Getting Into EBSCO E-Books

Occasionally as you search our catalogue, you will encounter EBSCO E-Books, which will take you to the EBSCO website to download. This will also happen, of course, if you search straight from the EBSCO E-Book site. To download them and get them onto your Kobo simply follow these steps.

Step 1

1. Have Adobe Digital Editions and an Adobe Digital Editions account. The program can be downloaded here.

Step 2

Find the book you want in EBSCO E-Books and click "Download Offline:"



Create a new account if you need to:




It will then ask you to confirm your download and you get to move on to step 3.

Step 3

When you have installed Adobe Digital Editions and created an Adobe account, you can open the downloaded file:



When you open up the file, Adobe Digital Editions will startup. Select "Adobe ID" and login - the file will be added to your library:



The file can then be added to your e-reader by right-clicking it: