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PSYC 320 Personality Theories

Getting Started

PsycInfo is the premier database for psychology and related disciplines with more than 5 million records including  peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and supplemental materials. 

The search features of the database such as the thesaurus and limiters. make it possible to retrieve material specifically focused on your topic.  They save you the time you would otherwise spend sifting through irrelevant material.  Use them! 

Using the Thesaurus

1.  Click APA Thesuarus of Psychological Index Terms. The thesaurus lists terms PsycInfo uses to classify its millions of records.  Using the                  thesaurus will:

  • Save you time by retrieving only those records that are tagged with the relevant term about your topic and not those that simply mention your term in an article on another topic. 
  • Give suggestions of other terms relevant to your topic.

2.  Enter your term.  Make sure "Relevancy Ranked" is checked.


3.  Click on the term to see when it was introduced, related, broader and narrower terms which may give you additional terms to focus your search.

4.  Check the box beside the term you want to search and click "ADD" to add it to your search.  To retrieve articles with two or more terms, click the drop down box beside "ADD" and change it from "OR" to "AND".