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The Research Process

Steps to Selecting a Topic

Step 1: Choose a Topic:

Choose a topic which interests and challenges you.

Step 2: Find Information:

Look up information in the library catalog and databases. You can also use website but make sure you evaluate the websites first to see if they are of scholarly use.

Step 3: State Your Thesis:

Your Thesis statement will consist of one sentence that states your belief about the topic that you are writing on.

Step 4: Make a Tentative Outline:

The purpose of an outline is to help you think through your topic carefully and organize it logically before you start writing. Your outline will have three parts to it: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. In the introduction you will state your thesis and purpose clearly. In the body of the paper you will present your arguements.In the conclusion you will restate your thesis, summarize your arguments, and explain your conclusion.

Step 5: Organize Your Notes:

Group your notes following the outline that you created in step 4.

Step 6: Write Your First Draft:

Follow your outline as you write your first draft. Be sure to summarize, pharaphrase, or quote accordingly.

Step 7: Revise Your Outline and Draft:

Make sure you have checked the following items when revising your outline and draft:

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Thesis statement

  • Was the outline followed?

  • Is there a logical flow to your arguments?

  • Have all your sources been properly cited?

  • Write in third person

  • Did you prove your argument and come to a logical conclusion?

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