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The Research Process

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Research databases

Finding Articles

Select a database

Burman University subscribes to dozens of different databases of articles.  Some databases are general in nature.  You’ll find material from across the disciplines in them. Academic Search Complete  is a general database.

Subject databases cover one discipline in depth. Check the subject categories to find out which databases are best for your topic.


Limit your search

Most databases let you focus your search by full text, date, peer review status, author, and journal title to get to relevant articles more quickly.  More specialized databases offer other limiters.  For example, character name searching is available in the Shakespeare database and company name in Business & Company Resource Centre.  Check the initial search screen of the specific database for the various ways to limit your search available to you.


Keyword search

Think of key words that describe your topic.  Jot them down.  Entering those keywords joined by “and” will retrieve articles with all those words somewhere in the record, title, author, summary or subject. 

  • Bad search: “Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic”
  • Good search: Canada and sovereign and Arctic

 Need more articles? To broaden your search join similar terms by “or”, for example, “teen or adolescent” 

Subject search 

Once you have found some good articles, examine the subject headings.  Click on the headings that best describe your topic to find additional relevant articles


Get the article

The title and some subject headings are usually on the first page.   Click on the link to the article to find the summary.   The full text is found by either scrolling down the page or clicking on the pdf article.


Email the article to yourself

Check the screen for an email link to email the article to yourself.


No full text?

You've found an article that you like but we don't have access to the full text? You can search the WorldCat Local Catalog to see if the article is available in a NEOS Library. If it is you can contact one of the Library Staff via email with the title of the article, publication of the journal, year of the journal, volume and number of the journal as well as the page numbers of the article. You will then receive notifcation of the article at your CUC email address when it arrives through ILL.