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The Research Process

Finding Books

You can search directly from this page using the search box below.

WorldCat Local will find primarily books as well as journal articles and quality web sites.  To limit your search to books after you have searched the catalogue, click books on the left hand  side of the screen. 


Entering keywords  into the search box is good way to begin your search.  Keyword searches find words in the title, subject heading, contents notes, author and other information about the book. You may also search by a specific author, title, or subject. This can be done through the advanced search option in WorldCat Local. These searches can also be done through the regular search box using specific symbols in front of your keyword search. Here is a list of the most commonly used symbols:

ISBN (bn:)
Title (ti:)
author (au:)
Publisher (pb:)
Series (se:)
Subject (su:)

Here is a screen shot of how a search would look like using this method:


The catalogue will display items in the CUC library first.  Material in NEOS the shared catalog of 18 libraries in central and northern Alberta will show next. Items that are listed in the WorldCat database will be listed last.