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Citation management tool guide.

Getting resources from websites

Once you have successfully installed Zotero on your computer, you can start grabbing important resources from library databases and other websites. To do this, simply look for the button in the link bar as shown below. There are a variety of little buttons that all of similar functions; one to save a website, one to save a video, etc. The one below is for a book.


zotero book icon


Be aware that grabbing things off the web won't always give a complete bibliography, and grabbing a book off of amazon will generally not give a complete bibliography for that book. A quick scan of these items in your bibliography is always a good idea. Zotero is really good at getting information from library websites, though (hinthint).

Getting citations and PDFs from databases

Once you have performed a search in a database, there will be a small folder icon in the browser's address link. Clicking on this link will allow you to select many articles at once to import into your personal library.


zotero folder icon


If you do not want to select resources from this screen but would rather take a closer look before deciding, just click on the link you want to go to and then watch for yet another icon in your link bar which will allow you to save the article that you open.

Putting other resources into Zotero

Zotero can also keep track of various other non-internet resources such as physical books, images, etc. Adding them to your Zotero library is very easy, and you can then use them as you would any resource. To add other resources, click the "Add New Resources" button and then select the type of resource that you want to add, as outlined below.


adding resources to zotero